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Concept of talent
Adhere to the talent concept of Lizhong Group

Since its establishment in 1984, Lizhong Group has grown from a small seedling to a towering tree. After decades of growth and training, looking back, Lizhong's rapid development cannot be separated from our constant adherence to the concept of "people-oriented",

Paying attention to every employee, cultivating every employee and reusing every talent is the employment philosophy of Lizhong Group.

Talent strategy
Put the right talent in the right position and do the right thing
“Create Lizhong people first, and then manufacture Lizhong products". Respect for employees, care for employees, and always be grateful are the foundation of Lizhong's corporate culture. We firmly believe that each employee has its own unique value, tap the potential of each employee, "put the right person in the right place, do the right thing", and provide each employee with a complete vocational training and compensation and welfare mechanism, which is our primary responsibility for human resources management; Respecting the value of each employee and devoting ourselves to providing each employee who enters Lizhong with an excellent working platform and growth opportunities are the principles and concepts we always believe in.
Channel of development

In order to enable each employee to be recognized and enjoy fair treatment in the company, we have set up three career development channels. There is always one channel that will suit you and realize your life value.

Training for new employees
The Group has formulated a detailed training and internship plan for new employees to enable them to get familiar with various rules and regulations as soon as possible, adapt to the company environment as soon as possible, enter the working state, and master the necessary job knowledge and skills.
Professional technology
Talent training
In order to update or expand employees' knowledge, enhance their competence, enhance their practical working ability, and improve their work efficiency and quality, the Group has carried out various forms of professional and technical personnel training for employees in combination with job requirements, so as to realize the common development of employees and the enterprise.
Management training
Through systematic training, the Group has established a sound young and professional management training mechanism through training classes for team leaders, promotion classes for middle-level cadres, overseas study tours, exhibition exchanges, and sharing of typical cases within the Group.
Training development
We have established a complete staff training system, aiming to cultivate more production, technical and management talents and realize the common development of employees and the enterprise.
Compensation system

We are well aware that employees are the first element of enterprise operation and development. The Group has established more reasonable salary incentive mechanisms such as performance pay system, piece rate pay system and agreement pay system, focusing on core talents, scarce talents and outstanding talents, which reflects the distribution concept of "more work, more work". In 2000, we established the Lifelong Board Allowance System to thank all cadres and employees for their contributions to the development of Lizhong Group.

Employee Benefits

In addition to the perfect salary system, the Group also set up annual merit, meal allowance, expatriate subsidy, foreign salary, car allocation, fuel allowance, telephone bill, housing allowance, holiday benefits for employees, free uniforms, thank you dinner, stable employee incentive fund, relief for employees in extreme poverty, continuous improvement award, innovation and invention award, etc.

Excellent staff and innovation encouragement

In order to encourage the growth of employees, the company regularly organizes the selection of excellent employees every year. The awards include:
Best New Talent Award, Excellent Coach Award, Advanced Work Award, Production Pacesetter Award, Diligence Award, Market Development Award, Technological Innovation Award
Quality assurance award, excellent team award, ten-year service award. The company issues certificates and bonuses to the award-winning employees
In addition, scientific research achievements such as certified scientific and technological achievements, new product identification, authorized patents, drafted standards, published papers and monographs are regularly evaluated,
Cash rewards will be given according to the practical value and contribution, and every employee's potential will be stimulated as much as possible.

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