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The 2022 Mid term Working Conference of Lizhong Wheel Group was held in BaoDing

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release time:10/08/2022

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From August 2 to 4, 2022, the three-day "Group 2022 Annual Interim Working Meeting" was held in the Sitong New Materials Conference Room. More than 50 group management committees, leaders of listed companies, executives at or above the level of director of the group, general managers and financial principals of relevant companies attended the meeting, which was chaired by Cao Weize, vice president of the group.
Nine systems, including Baoding Lizhong and Tianjin Lizhong's nine companies and group sales centers, reviewed and summarized the work in the first half of the year, and elaborated the key work plans and objectives in the second half of the year. During the period, the Management Committee and leaders of the Group reviewed the above reports and put forward opinions and suggestions.
At the end of the meeting, Zhang Jianliang, the president of the Group, made a speech and pointed out that all departments and companies of the Group should implement the spirit of the meeting, do a good job in increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, and strive to exceed the annual target. Finally, Zang Ligen, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Group, delivered an important speech. He fully affirmed the significance and results of this meeting, and put forward specific requirements for the future work direction of each system. He hoped that under the leadership of Zhang Jianliang, President of the Group, everyone would make persistent efforts in the second half of the year to exceed the annual goals and tasks.
During the meeting, leaders attending the meeting, led by Zang Ligen, Chairman of the Group Management Committee, visited the newly built Lizhong Research Institute and the smart line of Baoding Lizhong Middle East An Light Alloy Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and took a group photo in front of Lizhong Research Institute.