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Dancing the industrial chain and taking the road of transformation

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release time:16/03/2022

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"When aluminum ingots are processed into aluminum wheels, the price will increase significantly, which is equivalent to an increase of about 27000 yuan per ton on the basis of the original aluminum price..." When talking about the benefits of extending the electrolytic aluminum industry chain, the person in charge of Baotou Shengtai Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. talked with confidence. Such aluminum enterprises, which use aluminum liquid as raw material to produce aluminum products with high added value and high-tech content through processing, have already blossomed everywhere in Baotou Aluminum Industrial Park.

According to the person in charge of the relevant department of the aluminum industry park management committee, at the beginning of the park's establishment, most of the enterprises introduced were aluminum ingots, aluminum rods and other primary processing enterprises. The amount of aluminum water used was large and the added value of products was low, which did not significantly drive the local economy. Moreover, these enterprises were not strong in resisting market risks, and their benefits were mainly affected by the price of raw materials.

In recent years, Baotou Aluminum Industrial Park has targeted many modern aluminum application industry sectors, such as new aluminum based materials, aluminum alloy auto parts, high-purity aluminum applications, aluminum profile plates, strips and foils, and aluminum precision casting. It strictly controls project access in terms of investment scale, investment intensity, per mu contribution, environmental protection, safety, science and technology, and energy consumption, and actively connects with the world's top 500, domestic top 500, and leading enterprises in the aluminum industry chain.

Today, there are 27 aluminum and aluminum processing enterprises in the park, including Chinalco Baotou Aluminum, a subsidiary of Chinalco Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise, Baotou Huizhong Aluminum Alloy Forging Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SAIC Group, Baotou Shengtai Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hebei Lizhong Group, the second largest hub manufacturer in China, and Sitong Rare Earth New Materials Co., Ltd. According to the plan, the total output value of the park during the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" will exceed 100 billion yuan.

The extension of the industrial chain has not only doubled the output value of the aluminum industry in the aluminum park, but also provided more employment opportunities. At present, the aluminum and aluminum processing enterprises in the park have driven the direct employment of nearly 12000 people, becoming an important pillar of local economic development.

Baotou Shengtai Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Product Kaba wheel

From direct production and sales of aluminum ingots and bars to the production of "new pattern" products such as aluminum hubs, aluminum alloy Karba wheels, aluminum alloy automobile rocker arms, and aluminum alloy templates, the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry in the aluminum industry park is not only an important measure to promote high-quality development of the economy, but also a necessary way to effectively implement the "dual carbon" goal. It is also a microcosm of Donghe District's continuous progress towards a new development stage and high-quality development.

In the production workshop of Baotou Shengtai Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that robot intelligent production lines were running at a high speed, and the dedusting facilities equipped at the same time effectively reduced the emission of pollutants.

"Our company has a research and development center, and the headquarters will invest tens of millions of yuan every year to research and develop product technology, improve product quality, and also effectively reduce the unit energy consumption. At present, the energy consumption of an aluminum hub produced by us is 0.002 tons of standard coal, which is the highest level in related industries in China." Shengtai production manager introduced to the reporter.

The achievements of aluminum industry transformation and upgrading can not be separated from the "nanny" services provided by Donghe District for enterprises to create a good business environment. It is understood that the Park will optimize the Enterprise System of Projected Management Service in the Aluminum Industry Park every year, constantly improve the service system under the general responsibility of the director, each deputy director, and the specific assistance of department personnel, and provide a series of services for enterprises from the landing construction to the later production and operation, such as formalities handling, bank enterprise docking, recruitment and employment, safety production training, and idle resources revitalization. In particular, in recent years, we have promoted the working method of "wall chart combat" for key projects, clarified the leadership of the contracting federation, tightened the time nodes, and pushed forward projects one by one. The key projects have achieved good results.

"Next, we will closely focus on the deployment requirements of the Party Committee and the Municipal Committee of the Autonomous Region, continue to promote the construction of 'aluminum industry park clusters', focus on the development of new aluminum alloy materials, automobile lightweight, battery foil casting and rolling aluminum plates, rare earth aluminum alloys and other industrial sectors, while increasing the upgrading of existing aluminum ingots, aluminum rods and other production enterprises, encourage and guide them to extend to end products, and strive for the local high-quality transfer of aluminum and water resources by the end of the" Fourteenth Five Year Plan " Compared with the 13th Five Year Plan, the conversion rate has been greatly improved. " Baotou Aluminum Industrial Park Management Committee said.